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Educational Futures Response to College Admissions Cheating Scandal – March 12, 2019

As we all know, there are scoundrels in all places at all levels, and this is the latest disgusting exposure. We are maddened and saddened, but we feel a sense of gratitude that we and our colleagues in trusted professional associations such as the IECA are by our side in defending fairness and integrity. The best course of action in such a shocking situation is to continue to set the example of absolute professionalism, complete transparency, unequivocal ownership and clear commitment to the principle that our students are best served when we demand the best of human values and performance. This is our pledge to the students and families with whom we work.

As for our Educational Futures families, we would like to acknowledge the hundreds of students we have assisted who have worked hard to earn their rightful places and gained acceptance to universities on their own merit. Our commitment is to help students become the best version of themselves, not only as students but also as members of the greater community. This is based upon our firm philosophy of empowerment and ownership. IECs, in general, are committed to helping students find the right “fit” college for them regardless of rank, status or privilege.

Trends and predictions for college admissions in 2020:​

This is an important article, making the case for an extra year for boys and some girls who simply need more time to mature. We will always consider this option in our work with our students.

We have many misgivings about university rankings, but it is nevertheless interesting to review some that are well-researched and respected. This is one of them. 

The woof and warp of the traditional tapestry of integrity has been stretched at top universities, perhaps as a reflection of today’s “Me first” concept of entitlement within certain levels of contemporary society…just sayin’.

You might be a helicopter parent if…

This is an important message by the CEO of our professional organization that takes a firm position on the absolute integrity required as Independent Educational Consultants. That there are charlatans out there is inevitable but the IECA takes aggressive action to eliminate it when it is within our reach.

This is an objective view of the college admissions process in the USA. Probably the best we have seen on the subject.

Important message on college admissions from Denise Pope in the WSJ

Big news out of Harvard! Starting in the fall of 2020, they will no longer be awarding AP, IB or International Exam credit. We’ll be watching this closely to see if other institutions follow suit.

As independent educational consultants, we sometimes receive questions about how a high school student should communicate a suspension or other discipline issue to a college. Rick Clark, the Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia Tech, offers some great advice with a special message for seniors.

Once again, Kevin comes through with valuable wisdom for all ages. As advisors to college-bound students who are on the threshold of moving on in their lives, this advice is particularly timely. This edition is for them. Thank you, Kevin.

I finally have an explanation for why, when I was a young math teacher at Hotchkiss, I had each one of my students teach a class to experience
the difference between listening and articulation. It is profound and is a good case for collaboration on assignments, projects, presentations, etc. Ergo, the aged cliché: ‘to teach is to learn.’

This is the first article in a new blog coming out of M.I.T. SMR. It is about ‘people analytics,’ a nice change from the digital domain to the human one!

Here is another example that demonstrates the importance of advance planning when considering the US options for college or university for your son or daughter. We like to start with our students early in the secondary school years to prepare the foundation for a successful next step in the competitive college admissions process.

Attention parents of juniors! The Common App just announced that the 2019-20 essay questions will remain unchanged from last year. This is great news as it will allow your student more time to plan & prepare their college applications. 

A behind-the-scenes look at the college admissions process.

This is an important article for both our domestic and international clients who will be applying to colleges and universities in America in times of changing demographics, economics and politics.

For those of you whose children are considering a Computer Science major, make sure to inquire about CS class availability. The recent surge in popularity of the major is straining resources at both large and small institutions resulting in lotteries, student caps, and limited enrollment.

Ad(mission): It’s not fair” is a great article written by Georgia Tech Admissions that highlights how an institution’s priorities and mission guide admission decisions.

Take note…ED admit rates are falling.

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