“We are thrilled! Our son has been accepted into his first choice, Boston College. With the hard work he put into the application process along with your guidance and application strategy, he has succeeded in obtaining what he wanted.”

Arona, Cascais, Portugal

“We’ve had the pleasure to work with the EF team twice now – a junior year college transfer with our oldest and most recently the whole college selection process with our youngest. In short, we could not be more pleased with all of the guidance and insight they provided along the way. This past year in particular, the team proved adept at staying abreast of and navigating a rapidly changing college admissions process. And with both girls they also excelled in nurturing them to take ownership of their decision process, imparting both a sense of empowerment and personal responsibility. As parents, we not only got to observe the girls make good, well thought out college choices, but grow as young adults as well. We can only say again, thank you so much for your efforts and support.”

~ Frances & Doug, New Canaan, CT

 “It was such an amazing experience to work with you. At first, I was just a regular student who wanted to succeed, but didn’t 100 percent know how. Because of the help you provided, I was able to thrive as not only a high school student, but also as an individual. I was guided through how I can grow and achieve as a student, and you found the best options for me. Because of this wonderful opportunity, I am now going to attend an amazing university that I never thought I would be accepted to and pursue my dreams because of your help. Thank you so much again.”

~ Alexandra, Furman University

 “Our son began the college search and application process later than most. From the start, you were honest about what needed to get done, set realistic expectations and put a challenging but attainable plan in place. You were always positive, encouraging and patient with gentle reminders to keep our son on track. We truly valued your full-service approach – examining his strengths and weaknesses, developing a balanced school list, managing numerous deadlines, and guiding us through the intricate process to the end. We especially want to thank you for not only providing your expertise but also imparting the empathy needed to properly guide our son during a very stressful time. Our son is now looking forward to his next chapter at a school which we feel is an excellent fit for him and where we look forward to seeing him thrive academically and socially in the years to come.”

~ Jennifer, New Canaan, CT 

 “Educational Futures have been part of my family’s educational planning for the past 28 years. Firstly, with my siblings and then once I had my own family, for my children’s boarding schools and college planning needs. Alan and his team were an integral part of the whole process lending expertise, support and guidance throughout. Their knowledge of our family’s needs and the trust created between us has resulted in considering them much more than just a consultancy service.

~ Rasha & Osama, Kuwait

“I can’t thank Nicole and Alan enough! While at first the college process seemed daunting and endless, Nicole and Alan were beyond helpful in narrowing down choices, explaining all the curveballs, and helping when it came to the confusing Common Application. They truly took the time to make sure I was focused in school and setting achievable goals as they wanted each and every one of their students to succeed, which was very clear ever since meeting them!”

~ Ellie, Villanova University

We have been thrilled with the care and attention that Nicole and team at Educational Futures have taken with each of our six children. They know well that every kid is different. They find the right mix of questions, encouragement and pushing to allow children to find the best and most appropriate path to boarding school or to college. They are real partners with parents and families!”

 ~ Chris & M.E., New Canaan, CT

Congratulations on the success of your 2021 students! Your team approach was critical for my 2021 and she could not have gotten through this challenging year/process without the incredible support of Educational Futures.  We will forever be grateful for your thoughtful insights and caring guidance of Maja. With much appreciation,”

~ Kristina and Ned, Wellesley, MA

”We could not be more pleased with the guidance, integrity and inspiration that you provided our daughter on her journey – helping her to narrow her search from 63 choices to 10 colleges that she loved and could see herself thriving within their hallowed halls. Perhaps most impressive was your ability to motivate and guide, rather than micro-manage the process or the outcome! You inspired her to find her voice as you likewise showed enthusiastic support for her process. Her renewed confidence and exuberance are proof positive of the effort and investment you each made in her future. We cannot thank you enough for your professional and personal touch!”

~ Meg & Anthony, New Canaan, CT

“We are forever grateful to you for the wise mentoring you bestowed upon our boys. There is no doubt in our minds that they are thriving in large measure to your great ability to identify and help them to decide upon the perfect fit in picking their initial college journey. None of us ever imagined that Cornell would have been the right choice for both of them!”

~ Terri and Ed, Darien, CT

“I came to you when I was a boy, I am now a man and a graduate of a great American college. How about that! You have been with me every step of the way, and I feel my success is also yours.”

~ Abdullah, M.I.T.

“I would like to thank you for an outstanding job you have done with our daughter. We are thrilled with her progress at school, level of maturity she has shown and the way you have helped her (and us) navigate the college selection and application process. The news of college acceptances has provided us a special moment of celebration and relief in the knowing that her future is shining very bright.”

~ Mara, Kuwait

“I’m writing because I don’t think I ever formally said thank you. You guys made the process of writing essays and finding colleges so much easier, and I can’t imagine where I would have ended up without your help.”

~ Sam, Providence College

“Thank you both dearly for all of your endearing support throughout the process. I truly could not have made it here without your constructive instruction and extensive feedback with everything I do.”

~ Faisal, University of Southern California

Thank you for your kind email. This is definitely an interesting time to live through, but I have faith that everything will turn out well in the long run. I am excited to be going to Washington and Lee, and I greatly appreciate the help you have given. I will make sure to keep in touch with my progress as the end of the year approaches.”

~ William, Washington & Lee

A lot has happened recently but knowing that I am secured with a college is very comforting. I am so happy you guys are thinking of me and I am so grateful for all the work you’ve done for me. I still miss our little calls but I am ready for the next chapter.”

~ Veronica, New York University

“We thought about you guys a lot this past year, during all of the college admissions scandals that were in the news. It made us appreciate you and the role that Educational Futures played in the lives of our son and daughter and our family even more. By that I mean an honest process of integrity that acknowledges a student’s strengths and weaknesses and steers them in directions that are the best fit for them. We are always happy to sing the praises of Educational futures and will always do so.”

~ Jeff, Boulder, CO

We definitely believe your services have been helpful to our daughter’s development and her application process….She is so excited for her future at NYU.

~ Doug, Decatur, IL

I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help, cooperation and support over the past three years. As challenging as they were, I truly benefitted from your guidance and I’ve been able to make crucial decisions based on your valued feedback. Meeting you in Boston last summer was definitely a great highlight, and I will always appreciate all the help you’ve given me.”

~ Nayef, Franklin University