“I’ll be graduating from college soon and I wanted to tell you that I have appreciated your help and words of encouragement… I feel I owe a large part of my success to you.”

Chase, George Washington University



An initial session with an EDUCATIONAL FUTURES consultant provides an opportunity to review a student’s academic and personal history and build a foundation for potential collaboration for educational planning.

This session is comprehensive and lasts approximately two hours. If possible, both parents should be present.

As appropriate, the session includes the following:

  • Discuss student’s educational and experiential background
  • Establish grade goals and discuss strategies to reach them
  • Develop detailed time management plan and discuss good study habits
  • Understand parental perspective and concerns
  • Review student’s needs and objectives
  • Evaluate current curriculum and advise on future coursework
  • Review extracurricular activities and interests, both in and out of school
  • Discuss standardized test schedule and preparation
  • Provide overview of the college admissions timeline
  • Review and advise on summer plans and activities
  • Provide problem solving/conflict resolution as needed

The goal of the consultation is to provide families with a clear idea of where the student is in regard to their educational future and identify options moving forward. A secondary goal is to respond to the family’s questions and concerns that relate to the student’s status and plans. A written summary is included.