“I have learned more about my son from two hours with you than I have in the last five years.”

George, Parent, London, England



EDUCATIONAL FUTURES provides a comprehensive, personalized program to assist the student who seeks a change in school, college or university due to a shift of academic interest, for personal or adjustment reasons.

This program includes the following:

  • Initial consultation or teleconsultation with the family to assess needs and discuss initial steps in the process (see Personal Consultation)
  • Evaluation by your consultant of the student’s total academic history, educational and career objectives and other relevant documents
  • Completion of a comprehensive interview format and, as necessary, self and career assessment exercises by the student
  • Review of all school and university records, provision of information and instructions for standardized testing requirements, schedule and preparation strategies
  • Detailed outline of the process, requirements, documentation and application requirements for admission
  • Research and development of a carefully-considered list of transfer school programs appropriate for the student
  • Assistance with preparation of applications, essays, documentation and other materials
  • Monitoring of progress during the research, preparation and application period
  • Preparation for visits to schools through a mock interview and written material on interview strategies
  • Continuous support throughout the process until a satisfactory decision is reached for the student