Our Process

EDUCATIONAL FUTURES assists families and students to achieve their educational goals in a variety of ways:

Assessment of academic record, future curriculum, extracurricular and summer activities.

Personalized educational and motivational counseling for the student and family.

A unique process of personal and career assessment to help students gain a firm foundation for educational planning.

Carefully researched recommendations of schools and programs appropriate for the student.

Test Preparation
Detailed instructions for SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT and TOEFL preparation.

Time Management
Proven techniques for organizing and utilizing time more efficiently.

Campus Visits
Detailed arrangements for school or university visits including personal interview appointments, travel and lodging arrangements.

Admission Interviews
Interview preparation, strategies and techniques.

Assistance with applications and essay development.

Assistance in evaluating options and/or planning for a post-graduate or gap year.

Continuing support for the student and family throughout the admissions process and during the adjustment period in the new school.