“What I found to be the most helpful and what is to me the best about Educational Futures is the push to succeed and your high expectations which, combined with your support, helped me to achieve what I did.”

Niels, Stanford University

EDUCATIONAL FUTURES assists families and students to achieve their educational goals in a variety of ways:

Educational Futures is committed to providing quality educational and motivational counseling for each of our students. This includes assessing academic records, providing curriculum guidance, setting academic goals, creating a time management plan, offering standardized test diagnostics and test prep recommendations, advising on letters of recommendation, building an effective student resume and developing a personalized extracurricular leadership plan for each of our clients.

Academic and Career Planning
Our unique personal and career assessment process is designed to provide a foundation for self-knowledge and career exploration for our students as they embark on the college planning process. Through our carefully selected exercises our clients achieve a better understanding of their goals, values, personality, and interests as it relates to a choice of majors, colleges and career options.

College and University Recommendations
Each of our clients has their own unique personality, aptitudes, goals and level of motivation. Based on our holistic process, we recommend a well-balanced and thoughtful list of colleges for our students’ consideration. Through our college research platform, CollegePlannerPro, our students have access to myriad resources, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their educational future. 

Campus Visits & Interviews
College visits can be incredibly helpful for students as they decide which factors are most important to them as they evaluate different colleges and universities. To make the most of our students’ visits, we advise on college tour etiquette and recommend resources and tools to capture their impressions most effectively. Additionally, we conduct mock interviews with each of our clients to ensure they are well-prepared for admission interviews. For our international students, we can provide detailed itineraries, including scheduled information sessions, tours, personal admission interviews, department appointments, travel and lodging.

College Applications & Essays
An integral part of our process includes guiding our students through all aspects of the college application process. By developing an admission strategy and establishing a detailed application plan, we provide a sense of calm and control over an opaque and complicated process. Our goal is to help our students complete their applications and essays before the start of their senior year, so they can focus their time and energy on their academic and personal lives in the fall. Through frequent meetings with our students, we review and provide feedback on the Common Application, UCAS, additional college-specific applications, the Personal Essay and all supplemental essays. 

The culmination of our work with students and their families comes at decision time. Our team helps students evaluate admission options and financial aid packages as appropriate.  We also offer careful advisement on deferral and waitlist strategies as well gap year strengths and weaknesses. 

Ongoing Support
Our practice offers continuing support for our international families during their student’s initial period of adjustment to university. Our guidance includes assistance with course selection, time and budget management, participation in extra-curricular activities, establishment of priorities and other adjustment issues.