“Now that I have been accepted at my college of first choice, it is fair to say that, coming from another language and a different educational system, I would not have been able to achieve this admission without your help and guidance.”

William, Boston University



Educational Futures has developed an Academic and Career Planning Program to provide future direction in your student’s life and assist your family with the college planning process. COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on the college admissions landscape. Despite today’s uncertainties, our teenagers need to feel a sense of normalcy, and laying the groundwork for their educational future continues to be as important as ever. 

Just as it’s important to be equipped with a strong academic foundation for future success in college, there must also be an understanding of one’s goals, values, personality and interests as they relate to possible majors and career choices. Educational Futures has developed a unique program for personal and career assessment, which forms the basis for future planning in a young person’s life. Through a series of carefully selected exercises, the student is asked to reflect on the basic questions of “Who Am I?” and “Where Am I Going?”

Following is a detailed description of the program:

  • An Educational Futures consultant will meet with the student and parents for a one-hour session to get acquainted and understand the family’s perspective as it relates to college planning.
  • To establish a framework for educational planning, the student will complete our questionnaire along with several personal and career assessment exercises to explore personal goals, values, personality and interests as it relates to possible majors, colleges and career choices. The results will be summarized in a unique Personal and Career Assessment Report and will assist our team in identifying potential majors and types of colleges and universities.
  • With the assessment findings, academic records and available standardized test scores, Educational Futures will provide a carefully researched list of colleges and universities recommended for the student.
  • Our consultant will meet with the family for up to two hours to review the highlights of the report, discuss the preliminary college list and answer general questions related to the application process.