Take note…ED admit rates are falling.

Sad signs of the times…and only the beginning. Declining demographics, especially throughout New England, and reduced interest in attending U.S. colleges by international students augers ill for modest private colleges. It is sad, because there is a place for these small, suppportive and niche schools that serve average students who are at the core of an educated society. Their demise is not good for future generations.

This is another fundamentally important article on the subject of college admissions. It is clear, concise, comprehensive and compelling. I hope that everyone related to the college admissions process will study this remarkable example of thoughtful and constructive analysis. Well done, once again, Brennan!

This is excellent news for all kinds of reasons. Our thanks to to the NMSQT Board for broadening access to the National Merit Scholarship Program.

This is another impressive step by Northeastern to move from its traditional role of a local commuter college to a major force in international education and enhancement of the common goal of mutual respect and understanding among people and nations. Bravo!!