”I have learned more about my son from two hours with you than I have in the last five years.“ –From a British father

 ”I loved the structure Educational Futures gave the application process. It turned a confusing, messy world of application into an ordered system. I also really liked the essay feedback.“ –From an American student

”The entire experience of choosing and applying to colleges will remain memorable thanks to your help and the fact that I was admitted to the college of my choice.“ –From a Swiss student

 ”Having a schedule and deadlines for essays, applications and other work, made it much easier for me to stay organized during the entire application process… If it weren’t for your help I would never be at this stage in my life.“ –From an American student

”The great diversity of the schools we visited allowed us to gain a good idea of the possibilities. The trip was wonderfully planned – a fabulous educational experience for my son – and me!“ –From a British mother

”What I found to be the most helpful and what is to me the best about Educational Futures is the push to succeed and your high expectations which, combined with your support, helped me to achieve what I did.“ –From an American student

”Thank you for the incredible amount of support and advice you have given me throughout this ‘quest’.” –From a French student

”I learned so much about the admissions process from Educational Futures, and looking back on it, I really couldn’t have done any of this without you! I appreciate the endless hours you spent helping me with my essays, responding to my e-mails and phone calls, and meeting with me and my parents.“ –From an American student

”Now that I have been accepted at my college of first choice, it is fair to say that, coming from another language and a different educational system, I would not have been able to achieve this admission without your help and guidance.“ –From a Swiss student

”It is with a pride-filled that I share the exciting, but perhaps not all that surprising news that our son became a member of the distinguished Honor Roll club at yesterday’s graduation ceremony…. Thank you for being such an instrumental part of what helped him achieve this award. Indeed, he is the driving force behind his achievements, but those who help pave that road are to be appreciated and thanked, so THANK YOU!“ –From a Swiss mother

 ”I liked the fact that I had someone constantly there supporting me and encouraging me to keep up my work. Also, I liked how you made me think before making my final college decision.“

”I’ll be graduating from college soon and I wanted to tell you that I have appreciated your help and words of encouragement… I feel I owe a large part of my success to you.“ –From an American student