”I have learned more about my son from two hours with you than I have in the last five years.”
~ Parent

“I loved the structure Educational Futures gave the application process. It turned a confusing, messy world of application into an ordered system. I also really liked the essay feedback.”
~ Student, Boston College

“We are forever grateful to you for the wise mentoring you bestowed upon our boys. There is no doubt in our minds that they are thriving in large measure to your great ability to identify and help them to decide upon the perfect fit in picking their initial college journey. None of us ever imagined that Cornell would have been the right choice for both of them!” ~ Parents

“Having a schedule and deadlines for essays, applications and other work, made it much easier for me to stay organized during the entire application process… If it weren’t for your help I would never be at this stage in my life.” ~ Student, Northeastern University

“Thank you so very much for the amazing job you have done getting my son on track and helping him in so many ways even beyond the academics. You have made an impact and a big difference in his young life. I have tremendous gratitude towards you and will continue to happily recommend you.” ~ Parent

“What I found to be the most helpful and what is to me the best about Educational Futures is the push to succeed and your high expectations which, combined with your support, helped me to achieve what I did.” ~ Student, Stanford University

“I learned so much about the admissions process from Educational Futures, and looking back on it, I really couldn’t have done any of this without you! I appreciate the endless hours you spent helping me with my essays, responding to my e-mails and phone calls, and meeting with me and my parents.” ~ Student, Syracuse University

“I’ll be graduating from college soon and I wanted to tell you that I have appreciated your help and words of encouragement… I feel I owe a large part of my success to you.” ~ Student, George Washington University