AN EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT An independent educational consultant (IEC) is a resource for the student and his/her family in navigating the complex process of selecting, preparing, positioning and applying to schools, colleges and universities. A legitimate consultant is the student’s advocate by helping to make the right match, assuring that appropriate schools are chosen and the student’s qualifications are presented optimally.

We believe that students can benefit from our advice as early as the 8th grade to ensure that academic performance is optimized, time is well utilized and engagement in the school and community is balanced and healthy. For boarding school placement, it is best to start planning a year in advance.


  • Families needing professional guidance for their children’s educational planning
  • College-bound, university and transfer students
  • Parents seeking an Independent School option for their child
  • Students requiring specialized programs in such areas as intensive English, gifted or learning disabilities and interim or gap year opportunities
  • Families living outside the United States requiring assistance in planning school visits and navigating the admission process